The Top 5 Productions You Won’t Want to Miss in 2017

Atlanta offers so much excitement for the theater enthusiast. As 2016 draws to a close, don’t miss out on the upcoming season’s best. Check out this list of 5 of Atlanta’s best stage productions for 2017.

 1. The Phantom of the Opera

This well-loved masterpiece will run February 22nd-28th at the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta. The story of Christine, a young theater girl who is torn between an old friend and her mysterious voice tutor, has captivated audiences for decades. This production promises fresh takes on the familiar music and the stunning sets you expect. Purchase your tickets online, find out about the cast, and more here.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera has kept theatre patrons on the edge of their seats for decades.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera has kept theatre patrons on the edge of their seats for decades.

2. Riverdance

This spectacular show explores various facets of Irish dance, music, and song. Riverdance celebrates its 20th year in 2017 and will run from May 5th-7th. You will be awed by the fast-paced footwork and choreography that recalls everything from traditional Irish jigs to the Spanish influence within the island’s history. Ethereal singing tells of the human struggle that is as timeless as the music itself. For tickets and more information on this Fabulous Fox Theater production, visit the Riverdance site.

3. Mama Mia

This smart production was nominated for Best Musical and Best Orchestration. Though the show left Broadway in September 2015, Atlanta is lucky to have this musical playing from June 13th-18th, 2017. The story centers on Sophie, who is planning her wedding to Sky, and Sophie’s mother Donna, who must make peace with her past when three former flames arrive for the wedding. Questions unanswered and unexplored rise to the surface for the cast as you wonder with them: how will the past affect the future? This entertaining musical is all set to an energetic soundtrack of tunes from ABBA, a Swedish pop group popular in the 70s.

Mamma Mia left Broadway in 2015, but is currently touring the U.S.

Mamma Mia left Broadway in 2015, but is currently touring the U.S.

4. And Then There Were None

Produced by Act3 Productions, this show, based on the work of beloved crime novelist Agatha Christie runs February 10-25th. Summoned to a mysterious island for reasons only they may know, ten strangers begin to die one by one. A simple nursery rhyme foretells the fate of each. What guilty secrets does each character hold? Who will be the last to die? Visit their website at to view the current season. To purchase tickets, visit this site and click through to February’s page to select this play.

5. Urinetown

In this musical satire, a greedy company monopolizes the bathrooms in a dark and struggling city. Humorous and bleak, watch what happens when one person dares to challenge the system. With music by Mark Hollman and lyrics by Mark Hollman and Greg Kotis, this production won numerous awards, including 3 Tony Awards and 2 Obie Awards. This musical is also featured by Act3 Productions. Don’t miss out on the chance to purchase tickets for Urinetown, playing April 14-29th.


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